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we capture special moments so that you know exactly how you felt in that moment years down the road.

SVP is the Best Calgary wedding photographer focusing on Asian, Sikh, Hindu, Ismaili & Indian wedding photography in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Cancun & Banff areas. We are Specialized for Destination photography.


Congratulations and thank you! Lol we are assuming you’ve found that special someone and now are ready to take that next big step which is hiring us 🙂 Our Pre-wedding shoots aka E-shoots are a fun way to celebrate the beginning of something amazing. Whether it be just a fun date night or a themed shoot. Our photographers and directors will work with you to capture your new beginning in the best possible way.


South Asian weddings are known for their extravagant week-long events.  Our photographers are well cultured  and know the importance of these pre-wedding functions, making sure all important details are captured keeping in mind the importance of immediate family members and extended family and the roles they play during these traditional ceremonies and customs. While our photographers focus on capturing the right shots they also at the same time make sure that these shots are the best of the best.

Destination weddings

Your wedding is the climax of your celebration and the most important event of your life. We capture this for you and immortalize it in timeless, high resolution photographs. You will look back at these memories for the rest of your life and we assure you that you will love every single moment of our captured frames. We handle everything from basic on-location shoots to complex aerial shots using remote-controlled drones. Our experienced photographers work with state-of-the-art equipment. We capture the finest details that will definitely give you an enriching experience. We are always more than willing to accommodate your destination wedding needs wherever it may take us. No matter what your budget, all we need from you is that you have the time of your life, and leave the rest to us. It may be a struggle to find the best destination photographer, but believe us! Your struggle is over.